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Multi-Functional Joint Case

The Ultimate Travel Companion - Whether you're hiking in the forest, floating the river, or snowboarding in Aspen, Rollie Boy has got you covered. Our case is waterproof, smell-resistant, and comes with a firestarter kit for lighting your papers.

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Double Silicone Waterproof Gasket

The Rollie Boy case was developed to withstand full water sumersion. Our custom double silicone gasket paired with our auto latching system keeps your papers bone dry.

Firestarter Option

We wanted two options to light your papers. A lighter or matches. Included with your case is a match strike cover that clips directly into the case. Either stash away matches or remove the cover to carry a mini lighter.

Optional Carabiner or Pre-Roll Stand

Either clip your Rollie Boy carabiner through the hole in your case to hang with you on the go, or place your empty Rollie Boy paper in the placeholder while you pour in your favorite ingredients.

Joint Covers

As another layer of protection, each paper has its very own cover. This is to keep everything secure during travel. Once your joint cover is closed and the Rollie Boy case cover is on, your joint will be put out! No more scraping the ground and losing some of your favorite ingredients.

Breathable Vent & Rolling Surface

On the back side of the case you will find a perfectly smooth rolling surface. However, if you look closely you will see the protective vent. This was designed to equalize pressure and reduce condensation by allowing air to flow freely into and out of the sealed enclosure.

I saw this case promoted on Instagram and knew this would be perfect for when I go hiking. I hooked the case right on to my backback with a carabiner I had laying around. It came in a really cool box, with four papers included which was handy at the time! I would highly recommend to this to anyone that lives an active lifestyle and needs something on the go for your joints.

Jasmine H.

This thing is so dope! Thanks for the quick shipping.

Tanner R.

A little larger than I expected but it does everything it says it does and the build quality is excellent!

Reynolds B.

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